Reason to Engage

Premier Hotels and Motels understands the market and we have the connections to close the deal for both buyers and sellers.  At Premier Hotels and Motels we have a list of pre qualified Buyers for the Sellers which will allow us to complete the deal sooner. 

From our key contacts we have qualified properties for Buyers to choose from and this allows us to help match Buyers with the right property to fit their needs and desires of our clients. Some properties require a certain personality, someone with vision and strong leadership skills to get the highest return on investment.

At Premier Hotels and Motels we have a list of financial institutions that specialize in lending to accommodation oriented properties.

At Premier Hotels and Motels we have built strong relationships with local and overseas companies in the accommodation industry assisting buyers and sellers to expand their business.

Challenges our clients face

Location: important for future revenue and resale.
Financing: not always easy to find financing and at the right terms.
Lifestyle: looking for a suitable quality of lifestyle for themselves and family.
Condition of Property: cost of repairs and are you able to keep cost down by doing yourself (Are you a handyman?).

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